Thursday, April 10, 2014

Project 615// Get you some.

As you all may know, I love to support local companies and charities as much as I can. I recently discovered a company called Project 615. What immediately caught my eye is the cool design of a t-shit I saw that they had designed. It was fun and funky and just a little bit retro. Once I saw this cool shirt, I asked my friend where she got the shirt and she told me she had gotten it at Project 615. Sounds cool... I'll check it out.

After doing a tiny bit of online research and reading some of their blog and website, I found out that Project 615 is wayyyyy more than I expected. Project 615 is a local screen-printing company based out of Nashville. But, what is even cooler about Project 615 is that they are a Christian based company that gives away 100% of their profits to charity. Wow. Things just got real. As business oriented as I am, it is hard for me to wrap my mind around what a sacrifice and true service this is!

So, I reached out to Project 615 to get some more information about them and their company. I wanted to know what made them start this organization. Project 615 says, "We actually went on a mission trip in the summer of 2010 to LA and did a lot of homeless ministry in their downtown homeless community called Skid Row. We talked to hundreds of homeless people and realized we wanted to use our gifts and talents back home to help change the lives of the homeless in Nashville. We were already in the t-shirt and apparel business so we launched a website, called We wanted to give people a unique way to give back while getting a cool product. Originally we printed our shirts elsewhere but we decided that we wanted to take our ministry to the next level and actually create jobs for these men so we began to hire formerly homeless men and give them jobs so they are actually the ones making all of our Project 615 branded t-shirts today."

It is so easy to send money to a mission or charity that you care about, but it is such a big deal to start an organization like this to support it in your daily grind. I love this!

I wanted to know a little bit more about the organizations that Project 615 support. They said, "So 100% of the profits from our online store goes directly to Set Free Church. Set Free Church houses 40+ homeless men. These men suffer from chronic homelessness, drug/alcohol addiction and/or mental illness. So we actually pour money into Set Free Church. Set Free Church is a Christian based rehab facility for these men. We always use the phrase it's "beans & rice and Jesus Christ". These men have to commit to at least 60 days at Set Free Church, that way they can hopefully begin a new life with Jesus and free from their addictions."

Project 615 is based on the bible verse Matthew 25:40. Jesus says, "Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for Me." This is such a fitting verse for what they are doing for their brothers in Christ at Set Free Church. They are giving them another chance at life. If you hop over to their website/blog you can see videos and testimonials from some of these men. This is real. Real men in our community are receiving help and a second chance and Project 615 is making that happen!

This organization is just amazing. The more I read, the more I loved them. They make cute shirts, they are a Christian organization and they give their profits to an amazingly helpful charitable organization in our own community.

Even better, their shirts are very reasonably priced and they do custom orders. Project 615 says, " So not only our we printing Project 615 branded t-shirts but we also print for other businesses,  organizations,  bands/musicians, sports teams, etc."  Also, you can buy their products on their website or in a few cool local shops in Nashville, including Rustique in East Nashville (700 Fatherland St. ) or Tennessee Chic in Hillsboro Village 1818 21st Ave. S.

Project 615 is just one big love fest for me! Not to mention my very own Project 615 East Nashville Shirt is making it's way to be via mail as we speak. Oh, I am so very excited.

Do yourself a favor and head over to their website and get one of these cool shirts all while supporting this cause.

You can find their website HERE.

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  1. I have seen these shirts in the Rustique store in Nash and fell in love with them. I didn't know they were such a great ministry too! I just bought myself one. Thanks for sharing