Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Have you ever faughted in public?//Flip # 3 Update

If any of you are Bachelorette Fans, then you will be rolling on the floor laughing in hysteria at my blog title. I really don't know why, but I just could not seem to keep it together last night during this part of the episode. Andi, the Bachelorette, took the remaining guys to Italy. One their date, she had some Italians give the guys lie detectors tests. Their thick accents made it difficult to understand and at one point they asked the question, "Have you ever faughted in public?" Your guess is as good as mine. I think they meant "farted". Some of the guys thought they meant "fought". Either way, it was hysterical. I laughed, literally, for hours over it.

Anyways, moving right along.

We have a few pictures to share of the progress/demolition of the Flip House #3- From now on we will call it "Dilly." (Because it is located on Dillon Street.)

Dilly got her shutters ripped off, her trees cut and was power-washed. This is a picture of the house before it was painted. What color?? You will have to wait and see. (Unless you live in Woodbury, then you could just drive by and see.)

This is the demolished laundry room- not much to see here, folks.
THIS is the kitchen. Or what USED to be the kitchen. The kitchen has been taken down to studs. Yay. Our favorite thing to do. It was pretty ghetto and needed this. Don't mind the random lattice just sitting in the kitchen. That was for the deck.

This is one of the bedrooms. The carpet has been ripped up to reveal the old hardwood floors. I mean, who started the trend to put carpet over hardwoods? That was a dumb, yet very popular, trend. Glad that's over.

This is the living room. With cabinets in it. The cabinets are just taking a sebatical in here. We might be refurbishing and painting them to be re-hung. Or we might get new ones. Wait and see!

 This is the bathroom. Its actually not that bad of a bathroom if you ignore the horrendous flooring.
 And this is yet another bedroom that had the floors covered in carpet with these pretty hardwoods underneath. What a shame.
Keep watching for pictures of the exterior paint job. It should be completed this week! What color do you think it will be? Comment below.

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