Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Auntie Ann.

Even though my mother would argue otherwise, I have never been a "kid person."
Mom tries to make me feel better and say things like, "You are great with kids!" or "Kids love you!" and "You are going to make a great mom one day!"

Thanks, Mom. It's a sweet effort. I have always enjoyed small doses of kids, but within a couple hours I just wanted to lock myself in a room and be an adult.

That is, until I heard the sweetest two words: "Auntie Ann."

My nephew Madden, although I may be partial, is one cool kid.
He likes to call me Auntie Ann over and over and over and over again, until I stop smiling and laughing about it.

Our family takes an annual trip to "The Falls." (Fall Creek Falls) Madden went a day early and graced everyone with his perfect rendition of "Fwosty na noman." (That's Frosty the Snowman for those of you who don't speak two year old.)

This picture was taken at the cabin at The Falls.

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