Sunday, October 19, 2014

Homemade Dictionary.

As much as I would like for you to be hopeful and think that this post is about a fun DIY project possibly including an old dictionary and some fun artwork or something of the like, I am afraid you would be disappointed to find out that instead, this post is about the homemade dictionary of my family.

Step one: 
Once I became a functioning adult, I found out that alot of the terms and phrases from "my" dictionary are not words or phrases in an actual Webster's dictionary. In fact, the majority of these were oddities made up by either my mother or grandmother.  But that's okay, everyone has that, right?

Step two: Wrong. Not only does not everyone have this, but the few people that do have this are rarely as strange and odd.

Sorry, Mom. The next few lines of this blog are going to forever expose you to your dictionary.


1. Buckle your wuckle before I spank your wank: This means, buckle your seatbelt or I am going to reach into the back seat and spank you with my own bare hands. (Only because there was no fly swatter handy)

2. In a big way: (Used in a sentence: I saw Jan today and she was in a big way. This means, in a good mood.

3. LUGS or Love your guts: This means, "I love you."

4. Magle Nagles. These are nachos.

5.  Got on good. (Used in a sentence: They got on good.) This means, got along.

6. Gidenomics: This is the economics of my grandfather, Gid. Which in turn means being very cheap.

I recently just finished reading "What Alice Forgot," by Lianne Moriarty. This was one of the best books I have read in a long time. In this book, Alice discusses an inside joke between her immediate family where they say "oh my dosh" instead of "oh my gosh." This cute and clever inside joke reminded me of a lifetime of what I later in life learned to be merely inside jokes in my immediate family.

As silly as some of these words and phrases may sound, they make life so much sweeter.

Thanks, Mom. Now, don't for get to buck your wuck or I'll spank your wank.
Mom, the little dictionary herself- with me and Emily of course.

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