Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Soemone please give $8,000,000.00 in Anthropologie money

Why do I love Anthrologie so much?
I could literally waste away an entire day in there.
When Whitney and I went to D.C. in May, we discovered an amazing 3 story Anthropologie. They did tutorial classes and even had a bridal section. Before we left I had at least 3 pictures on my phone of scenes from Anthropologie. Why, oh why?

I don't even cook... why do I want all of this?!

Side Note :

I have reached an all time low today.

My Freshly French-Manicured toe nails somehow managed to get a huge chip. Whop Whop.
In a moment of desperation (because I am leaving for San Diego in T-Minus 4 hours and don't have time to get to the salon or stop by Walgreen's for some white polish) I took the advice of my friend at work and used some white out tape. That's right, friends, not "white out liquid" but "white out TAPE." How does one even make something like that happen? Well, its actually rather easy-- you just run the white out tape over your toe nail like its a mistake on a legal document. Then you shape it with your finger nails and put a little clear coat.

Next thing you know they will be soliciting me as a worker at Natural Nails.

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