Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Advice from Disney.

I don't get the opportunity to watch Disney movies very often. Mostly because I don't have any children but also because I'm a mean old prude. Okay, not really, but when I get the opportunity to watch a movie, I usually pick something a little There is one Disney movie that came out this year that just looked so good, I had to indulge. So, almost an entire year after the movie came out in theaters, I finally watched it on Netflix.

There is something so charming about Disney movies (or just children movies in general) because they are so innocent. They seem to take problems and break them down into such simple and childlike solutions that just give you the warm and fuzzies inside.

The most popular song from this film is "Let it Go," a song where one of the main characters, Elsa, has just revealed her secret power. I'm sure the makers of Disney didn't intend for this song to be used for the purposes we have started to use it for at work. My friend and co-worker, Nickie, likes to sing this song to me when I get really irritated. 

For example, I will hang up my phone with someone who has made me incredibly mad. I will start ranting to Nickie about what an idiot this person is and how they don't deserve a job and how I should just stop taking their phone calls and how we should probably burn the building down and how the world is coming to an end and everyone is going to die and it's all because this guy mean mouthed me on the phone. (Too much?) Nickie will rebuttal by singing "Let it go" at the top of her lungs, It makes me laugh and then I start to get over Mister Mean Mouth.

As silly as this scenario is, it's true.

Tonight I was driving home from work, more than just a little irritated by a fellow agent I work with who has been less than professional in a transaction we have. It has simply been one thing after another and I have gotten wound up so tight over the entire thing. This afternoon I decided I was just "done" with the whole thing and we were going to just walk away from the deal and move on. Then I thought of Nickie. I could even hear her singing this song obnoxiously to me. (Love ya, Nickie.)
I took a deep breath and thought, "who cares?" Getting so wound up about something like this does nothing but hurt me. It does nothing but raise my blood pressure and negatively affect MY health. It really accomplishes nothing.

Sometimes we just have to "let it go."

Who or what situation in your life do you need to "let go"? 
Just listen to little Elsa. She is so very cute.

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