Monday, November 17, 2014

Taylor Swift ain't got nothing on us.

Hello, strangers! I bet you thought I was dead. I'm not. I have just been out of town.

It has become a fun tradition for us to take a girl's trip to Manhatten each year. This trip consists of lots of shopping, site seeing, eating and WALKING. (I feel like I walked a marathon every day we were there.)

The weather this year was fantastic. It was a little cold, but not nearly as cold as normal. In fact, the last day of our trip was almost 60 degrees. The trees were perfectly crisp with orange fall leaves. It was glorious.

As everyone knows, Taylor Swift recent bought an apartment in Manhatten, so she "thinks" she knows everything about New York City, however, she's wrong. WE DO. Right, Whitney?
Okay, maybe that was a little bit of an exaggeration.

Here is a brief picture montage of our trip. Enjoy.
Aren't these fall leaves to die for?
What would a trip be without some delicious Mexican?
Serendipity is a MUST. We always find our way here- The food just just ok, but it's worth it to get the Frozen Hot chocolate.
The lighting inside of Serendipity is nothing short of the lighting of a rave. I mean, come on.
The patented Times Square picture. :)
Central Park is breathtaking in the fall!
Did I mention that we ate alot?
 This was probably my favorite meal- Crab Cakes Benedict at Bar Americain.
Did I mention we saw Bradley Cooper in his boxers in Elephant Man? Whatever I said was the best part of the trip before, I take it back. This was. But seriously, he was fabulous in this show. I may have cried a little.
Robin on Good Morning America! What what?!
Whitney's personal favorite part of the trip-- Man baby.
We snagged this picture online. This fellow was hanging out in Times Square collecting tips while shaking his rattle. To say it was odd would be the understatement of the year.

See friends, I haven't been ignoring you. I have just been showing up Taylor Swift with my NYC skills.

Til next time, it's been real, NYC.

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