Monday, November 3, 2014

Holy Eyelashes!!

Last week, my friend Brittany Thomas gave me some of her fabulous 3-D Fiber Mascara from Younique. I have heard about this mascara and what a difference it makes and have been itching to try it, so I was very excited when she sent me some to try.

After about a week of use, I am very impressed with the mascara! This mascara is a two piece product which includes transplanting gel and the 3-D fibers. It's very easy to apply and the difference is remarkable! First, you apply the transplanting gel, and then the 3-D fibers. Personally, I use regular mascara AFTER application because I think it helps to keep the fibers in tact and just polishes off the look. However, I don't think this is part of their suggestion, but my sister told me to try it and I like the look of it. The Younqiue website suggests using regular mascara prior to putting on the transplanting gel, which I have not yet tried- I like applying the regular mascara AFTER the fibers because it seems to keep the fibers on my lashes.

This product really makes for a dramatic looking eyelash without having eyelash extensions, which I have also done before. (Although the lash extensions looked great, I found them to be pretty awkward and painful- I just never could get used to them. The 3D Fiber Mascara feels 100% natural- just like regular mascara) The gel clings to your eyelashes and then the fibers cling to the gel, creating a fuller look that just pops! It's perfect for going out or even for the every day.

Brittany is an independent consultant for Younique and they have much more than just mascara- although this is definitely their hot item.  Click HERE for a link to her Younique website or HERE for her Facebook page to see a full list of items. If you check out Brittany's Facebook page, you will find a tutorial video for the mascara, as well and some fun promotional coupons and lots of information about not only the mascara, but other Younique products! Check it out. Big "thank you" to Brittany for letting me try this awesome product!!

The best part of this business venture for Brittany is that she is using this money to save for adoption. How awesome!!!

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